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Born and raised in Vienna, photography has been with me since childhood. The possibilities offered by professional SLR cameras have turned my hobby into a profession.

Originally I am a musician, I studied vocal pedagogy at the University of Music in Vienna. My main job was in the Viennese flute workshopwhich I ran together with Werner Tomasi for more than 30 years. In the meantime, the younger generation has taken over and I am more in an advisory role.
In the Photography school Vienna I completed a two-year photography training programme and WIFI Vienna training as a Media designer made.

My photographic focus is on

  • Architecture and landscape.
  • Marko

My cameras

When I was in my early twenties, my father gave me a Minolta X-700. I loved it very much and made black and white prints in our bathroom with my uncle's old enlarger.
I later took photos with the Nikon Coolpix 950. The special thing about this camera is that it has a rotating mechanism for the lens, which offers the photographer interesting possibilities.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the Canon EOS 300 came out, the first digital SLR in the consumer sector and therefore affordable for me. Compared to the Minolta, however, it rather disappointed me.
A few years earlier, I got to know the Sony Mavica at Sony House in Tokyo and then bought it. It uses 3-inch floppy discs as a storage medium, hence the somewhat unusual shape.

The Canon EOS 30D marked my entry into the semi-professional sector. This camera was the impetus for me to do a photography course. I did the photography course at the Photography school Vienna completed.
This was followed by the Canon EOS 5D II and the Canon EOS 5D IV, which I use today. These cameras leave almost nothing to be desired. It's amazing how quickly such great advances in camera technology have been possible: for example, the EOS 5D II has a ISO range from 50 to 25,600, the EOS 5D IV up to 150,000!

I recently became the happy owner of the Canon EOS R5, only a few days ago at the time of writing. I love it! <3 But I still have to familiarise myself with the extensive functions, the VERY extensive functions...

I used to be rather critical of mirrorless cameras. I changed my mind when I got my hands on my partner's R5. The fact that these cameras are smaller and lighter is a plus. It also looks like the DSLRs are no longer being developed further, so a changeover sooner or later is inevitable.

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