Web designer creating a WordPress theme

Development of a WordPress theme with responsive design, accessibility and efficient layout


The WordPress theme for this website

I developed the WordPress theme for this website myself. I had certain functions in mind that I wanted to implement with my theme.

Responsive design

One important aspect was the responsive design, i.e. adapting the website to different screen sizes with just one design. This ensures that the website is optimally displayed on all devices and that visitors have a good user experience.

Good readability and clear design

Another goal was good readability and a clear, uncluttered design. I wanted to make sure that visitors could easily find their way around the website and easily absorb the content. I paid particular attention to ensuring that the font size was appropriate and that the colour scheme was rich in contrast. As a senior myself, I know how important good legibility is for people with impaired vision.


It was also important to me to make the website as accessible as possible for people with disabilities. Although there is certainly still room for improvement, I have already taken some measures to improve accessibility. These include, for example, the use of alt text for images to make them accessible for screen readers.

Layout and page structure

For the layout of the page, I orientated myself on the good old websites with framesets. I have built in a so-called off-canvas sidebar. On screens larger than tablet size, the menu always remains visible, while on smartphones it can easily be shown and hidden via a button in the horizontal bar at the top right. The page content is scrolled along this sidebar, which enables a clear presentation.

Use of Bulma as CSS Framework

I used Bulma as the CSS framework. Compared to the popular Twitter Bootstrap, Bulma is much leaner and allows the website design to be created quickly. With Bulma, I was able to implement the desired design efficiently and optimise the loading times of the website at the same time.

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