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7-day incidence

Average of Corona new cases in the last 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants. For places with fewer inhabitants, the number is extrapolated accordingly. Mehr:


f/4 The aperture is a mechanism on the lens that regulates the amount of light falling through the lens. You can think of it as a simple hole, the size of which can be adjusted either directly on the lens or on the camera. The aperture in photography is an iris diaphragm. Together with the

Exposure time

1/100 The exposure time is the time during which the camera shutter is open. In this time the light-sensitive medium (sensor, film) is exposed. In photography it is given in seconds, e.g. 1/125 or 2s. Together with the aperture and the light sensitivity (ISO), the exposure time determines the exposure of the photo. Both –

Focal length

105mm The focal length is given in millimetres and is the distance between lens and focal point. Small focal length: Large field of view Objects are reduced in size Large depth of field (expansion of the sharp area) Long focal length Small field of view Objects are enlarged Small depth of field (expansion of the


ISO ist die Einheit für die Lichtempfindlichkeit des Speichermediums der Kamera. Bei analogen Kameras ist damit die Filmempfindlichkeit gemeint, bei digitalen die Sensorempfindlichkeit. Desto höher der ISO-Wert, desto lichtempfindlicher ist der Sensor bzw. Film, d,h, desto weniger Licht ist erforderlich. Damit können Aufnahmen am Abend und sogar nachts gemacht werden. Nachteile einer hohen ISO-Einstellung: Verminderung


This article is updated on an ongoing basis. 6. August 2020 In late 2019, the first cases of an unknown disease (soon to be called Corona) appeared in Wuhan, China. The rapid spread of the disease, which caused severe symptoms and deaths in some infected people, quickly led to hospital overload. This disease spread at


CSS ist eine Stylesheesprache, die das Aussehen einer Webseite (neben HTML, PHP und Javascript) bestimmt. Im CSS werden Regeln für HTML-Elemente definiert, wie z.B. die Schriftart, die Schriftfarbe und -größe, die Hintergrundfarbe(n) der Webseite, die Größe und Aussehen der Blockelemente u.v.m. Siehe:


HTML is the abbreviation for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is used to define the structure of the web page. Roughly speaking, an HTML page consists of doctype, document definition head (<head>) body (<body>) The title and metadata are usually defined in the head and other resources (CSS, Javascript) are integrated. The body contains the content