HTML is the abbreviation for Hypertext Markup Language. ImHTML defines the structure of the web page.

Roughly speaking, an HTML page consists of

  1. doctype, Document definition
  2. head (<head>)
  3. body (<body>)

The title and the metadata are usually defined in the head element and other resources (CSS, Javascript) are loaded.

The body contains the content of the actual website, consisting of block elements (e.g. <div>, <main>, <article> …) and inline elements (<p>, <span>, <li> …). The block elements serve as containers for the inline elements.

A good HTML structure is similar to that in a text document, for example:

  • Page container (<main>)
    • Title / header 1 (<h1>)
      • header 2 (<h2>)
        • Text, image…  <div>, <p>, <img>)
          • header 2 (<h2>)
            • Text, image (<div>, <p>, <img>)

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