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Indoors – the second Corona wave

After making it through spring and summer quite well, the Corona cases began to rise significantly again in the autumn. A second Corona wave has been building up – this has been widely expected, but not to come as early as autumn.

Thus, Austria was sent into a “soft” lockdown starting on 3 November and then into a “hard” lockdown from 17 November to 6 December. While kindergartens, schools up to the junior high school level, shops, hairdressers and the like were still open from 3 November, they also had to close from 17 November. Bars, hotels, museums, cinemas, gyms, restaurants and cafés were closed from 3 November, all events were suspended, a night-time curfew was imposed, and only shops offering goods “to meet daily needs” remained open.

On 7 December, shops were allowed to reopen, although the number of daily new cases and Corona deaths ( those who died from and with Covid) remained very high.

For me, this lockdown was almost routine, this time I stayed in Vienna and again spent a lot of time within my own four walls.

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