Media design

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Image by Jean-Pierre Bellec from Pixabay

My story as a media designer.

For a successful website, good web design is essential. But how do you achieve that? For me, the path was clear: at the end of the 2000s, I completed the media design course at WIFI Vienna . Back then, I was taught how to create static websites. Today, however, I mainly work with WordPress and have developed several themes of my own.

In the course, we learnt the basics of conception and idea generation, image design with Adobe Photoshop and layout with Adobe InDesign. We also learnt about logo design, infographics and the basic principles of good design. Creative use of typography, the basics of design psychology and print production were also included.

Back then, video and animation design was practised with Adobe Flash which is hardly used anywhere today. I later acquired the skills to create websites myself using the WordPress and Joomla! developed by ourselves. The development of new web technologies requires constant learning anyway. So I learnt responsive design, CSS3 and HTML5 on my own, to stick with the most important examples.

CSS preprocessors such as Less and Sass allow me to create CSS files with significantly less effort. Together with CSS frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap or Bulma beautifully designed websites can be built quickly.

For me, web design is not only a passion, but also a constant challenge, as new technologies and requirements in web design are constantly emerging. But with the knowledge I have acquired, I feel well equipped and I am constantly learning more!