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Bärbel Brantner StartWelcome to my website! Here I show my photos and write about webdesign and other topics I come across, e.g. architecture, travel, history, arts, classical music, politics and current news. At the moment the worldwide corona pandemic is something I write about.

I also started to build up a glossary in which I explain technical terms from photography and web development. Since I am only at the beginning there is not much to find here yet, but more will follow soon! Write me if explanations are unclear or missing.

My name is Bärbel Brantner and I’m a musician, office manager, photographer, web and graphics designer living in Vienna, Austria.

New articles

  • Hallstatt in June 2021

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    Since Hallstatt is not yet very crowded – mainly because tourists from the Far East are missing – it was a good opportunity for a trip there. I photographed exclusively with my pinhole camera “lens”.


  • Individual Fates in the pandemic

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    In my current work, every now and then there are individual fates that stay particularly in my mind. I work in the field of pandemic control. One of the tasks of our department is to, to contact persons who have tested positive by telephone, go through a questionnaire with them and to inform the persons


  • Sticky

    Tape Sticky paper

    The CSSCSS is a style sheet language that determines the appearance… property position: sticky allows block elements to be displayed either static or fixed depending on the scroll position. The menu of this page is displayed as a sticky menu. Demo Scroll the box below to see the effect: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur


  • Ingrid Brodnig Online Workshop

    workshop brodnig 1

    Please excuse that this article is only available in German.


  • Simultaneous infections with two different corona variants (mutations)

    infektion 2 verschiedene varianten

    In Brazil, two cases have been reported recently in which the affected persons were infected by two CoronaThis article is updated on an ongoing basis. 6. August 2020 … virus variants at the same time. Although the two individuals were only mildly ill (both in their 30s), scientists are concerned. Besides the Brazilian variant (B.1.1.7),


  • Corona vaccines


    Which kinds of Corona vaccines do or will we have? Vaccines can be divided into three groups: mRNA, vector and dead vaccines.