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Old Vienna photos: Josefstadt

For a few years now I live in the 8th district in Vienna. I have put together some old Vienna photos here, part of the buildings shown here still stand (like the Josefstadt Theatre). Other buildings no longer exist, but gave the place its name, e.g. Blindeninstitut – Blindengasse.

The suburban character, i.e. village structures, was still preserved in some areas of Josefstadt until the beginning of the 20th century. However, the living conditions in these old buildings were sometimes catastrophic.

The first photo shows the view of Josefstadt at a time when the glacis (free space in the area outside the city walls) was still empty. In the background you can see the Piaristen church.

1914065 400x280 1
Panoramic view from the town in direction of the Cartographic Institute (Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying; Front Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz) over the Ringstraße, which has just been lined up. Picture taken during the parade for the 30th birthday of Emperor Franz Joseph.
Photo ©ONB
2900679 330x400 1
Vienna 8, Lerchenfelderstraße 60 courtyard, close-up of the exit.
Photo ©ONB

The municipal theatre with elaborate decoration.

12419756 400x284 1
City Theatre. Front from Laudongasse. (Demolished 1961).
Photo ©ONB
Bildschirmfoto 2020 12 14 um 16.15.39 400x286 1
In the place of the theatre today is the Music and Singing School of the City of Vienna (Screenshot Google Street View)

Two times the Josefstäder theatre, the first picture probably dates from the beginning of the 20th century.

IMG 8120 293x400 1
Josefstadt street with Josefstadt theatre
8154128 400x384 1
Facade of the theatre diagonally from the left. Vienna 8, Theater in der Josefstadt
Simoner, Otto, 09.1966
Photo ©ONB

Beautiful courtyard of a Pawlatschenhaus – some of these houses have been preserved until today in the 8th district.

10362847 273x400 1
Lange Gasse 3 courtyard: view into the corner with staircase.
Photo ©ONB
10228754 400x284 1
Palais Auersperg, shot from the left with tram
Photo ©ONB

The Albertgasse is named after the water pipe.

1900946 329x400 1
Albertgasse, outlet of the Albertinian water pipe, with decorative vase.
Photo ©ONB
1918374 400x293 1
Josefstädter Straße, suburban houses. Picture from the right.
Photo ©ONB

This part of the Lange Gasse looks almost the same today – the cars have changed a bit! 😉

1914773 398x400 1
View from Lange Gasse no. 42 towards Josefstädterstraße.
Photo ©ONB
1926266 400x394 1
‘Alte Backstube’: Pastry shop and Café-Stüberl.
Photo ©ONB

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