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A day in paradise: In the garden of Mainau Island


I experienced a wonderful afternoon on the Mainau Islanda gem in Lake Constance. What did I do there? A lot of photos of the wonderful plants that can be admired here, of course - you can see the best ones here. I really enjoyed the splendour and atmosphere of the gardens on this beautiful day in May.

The island

The island of Mainau is an oasis of beauty and tranquillity. On this idyllic island in Lake Constance, you almost feel like you are in paradise. There is a multitude of splendidly blooming flowers to discover, many of which exude a beguiling fragrance. The many different types of roses grown on Mainau are particularly impressive. But there are more than just plants here: the Mainau farm is home to various animals: alpacas, rabbits, chickens, goats, Shetland ponies, donkeys, sheep and cats. A walk through the garden on Mainau Island is an experience not to be missed.

Historical information

In 1853, the Grand Duke of Baden, Friedrich I, acquired the island of Mainau. He not only built his summer residence here, but also began to create order on the island and redesign it. He brought back rare exotic trees and plants from his travels and had them planted on the island. Key elements of the gardens, such as the arboretum, the Italian rose garden and the orangery, date back to this time. He also had the first greenhouses for exotic plants and an iron bridge built to connect the island with the mainland.

Even today, great importance is still attached to constantly developing the garden and adding new plant species. A stroll through the various themed gardens is like travelling around the world: whether it's the splendour of Asian flowers in the Japanese Garden or Mediterranean flair in the Italian Rose Garden - there is something to discover here for every taste.

What else is available here:

  • The island is a true paradise for nature lovers.
  • It offers a breathtaking variety of flowers, lush green spaces and picturesque waters.
  • The island is a perfect excursion destination for families.
  • Children can explore the butterfly garden, enjoy the adventure playground or watch animals in the petting zoo.
  • The island is a place of relaxation, with numerous idyllic corners and places to unwind.
  • The island has a rich history and culture with historic buildings, gardens and museums that offer a fascinating insight into the region's past and culture.
  • The island of Mainau can serve as a place of inspiration and refresh the spirit - whether for artists, writers or nature enthusiasts.

Why do I take macro photos?

On an island full of beautiful flowers, it's almost obligatory, but ... for me there are few things more fascinating than looking at the world in macro format. There is something magical about immersing yourself in another dimension through the lens and recognising details that are normally hidden from the naked eye. Macro photography allows me to capture the beauty and complexity of tiny objects. I love capturing tiny insects and delicate plant structures. It's amazing how much beauty there is in this small world. Macro photography opens up a world of wonder and beauty. Once immersed in this fascinating world, I became truly addicted to the challenge of capturing every little detail and presenting the beauty of nature in its smallest form. Even though it often requires a lot of patience and perseverance to capture, for example, small flitting insects with the camera, the joy is all the greater when I succeed.

It was a truly paradisiacal day

We were enchanted by the colours and scents of the flowers, admired the exotic plants and enjoyed the impressive diversity of nature. The view of Lake Constance was also breathtakingly beautiful. A day on the island of Mainau is definitely worth a visit!

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