Jardin Mallorquin Botanicactus

Jardin Mallorquin Botanicactus: A garden of diversity


During my holiday in Majorca, I had the opportunity to visit the Jardin Mallorquin Botanicactus. My partner and I visited this beautiful garden one afternoon in glorious weather.

The Jardin Mallorquin Botanicactus is a true paradise for nature lovers and photographers. As I love photographing plants, I took a lot of photos, which I almost regretted afterwards: so many photos to choose from!

The history of the Jardin Mallorquin Botanicactus dates back to the 19th century. Originally, the site was used for agricultural purposes before it was later converted into a garden. In 1989, the Jardin Mallorquin Botanicactus was finally opened to the public and has since become a popular tourist destination on Mallorca.

The garden is home to a wide variety of plant species: from native plants to exotic beauties from all over the world. Particularly impressive are the numerous cacti, which blend harmoniously into the landscape and give the garden its name. The various species offer visitors an impressive display of the different shapes, sizes and colours of these prickly plants.

In addition to cacti, Jardin Mallorquin Botanicactus also has a large selection of succulents, palms, trees and flowering plants. Magnificent flowers in beautiful colours, some of them captivating with their fragrance. The different textures and colour nuances of the vegetation are also a feast for the eyes.

The Jardin Mallorquin Botanicactus is a place where the beauty of nature is expressed in a fascinating way. A place that inspires photographers and nature lovers alike.

More info:

Website of the Jardin Mallorquin Botanicactus (in Spanish)

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